What You Should Know Before Buying a Fishing Rod
February 23, 2022

Fishing, especially recreational fishing, is an adventurous and fun outdoor activity. However, it can be pretty challenging when you lack the right tools–a fishing rod.

A fishing rod is a long and flexible pole with a line at the tip. It is the primary fishing tool you need to enjoy your adventure. There are specific factors to consider before buying a fishing rod.

This blog post will enlighten you on four essential things you need to know before buying a fishing rod. Here they are!

Types of fishing rods

Generally, the type of fishing rod you buy depends on several factors. You might consider the kind of fish you’re targeting or the angle you will be fishing from (whether from land or a boat).

Essentially, fishing rods are classified depending on their reels, among other significant factors. Here are some fishing rod types to consider.

Spinning rods

They are the most common among fishing enthusiasts because they are easy to use and do not require much expertise. Also, they are highly versatile rods that work well for most fish sizes and fishing styles or positions.

Baitcasting rods

They are pretty similar to spinning rods, except they require a little more expertise. Baitcasting rods are prone to tangling, especially in the hands of most amateur users who may struggle with getting the right fishing angle.

Surf rods

They are the most extended fishing rods you will ever find in the market, about 4-5meters long. As a result, they are better for fishing where you need to cast into longer distances. It is ideal for breaking through the waves when surfing.

Other unpopular fishing rod types include:

Telescopic rods

Kids rods

Fly rods

Overhead rods

Fishing Rod speed or action

The speed or action of the rod is critical to the intensity of your fishing experience. Your fishing rod can either be fast or slow. However, some schools of thought espouse the existence of medium-speed fishing rods.

The quick action rods snap back quickly and are sensitive to the slightest vibrations from the tiniest nibble. They make reeling in your catch easier and are ideal for making bigger/heavier catches. In comparison, the slow action rods are better for making lighter catches and bending more than the fast action.

Fishing Rod power

You might also want to consider the rod power before buying one. If you’re planning on engaging in heavy fishing, then you might go for the heavy power fishing rod because it is designed to withstand more resistance, unlike its light power counterpart.

Material of the Rod

There are several materials for making fishing rods today, from graphite to carbon, fiberglass, etc. Also, each material influences the fishing rod’s overall quality and characteristic property. For instance, carbon fishing rods, though excellent, are pricey. However, whatever fishing rod you buy depends on your taste, purpose, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

Final thought

The above tips are what to look out for before buying a fishing rod. However, it is essential to do personal research and market research before hitting the market. Also, learning about other fishing rod qualities like length, parts, etc., gets you the best buy for your money.