Top Five Fishing Tips and Tricks
March 13, 2022

Fishing helps calm the nerves, enjoy nature, catch fresh protein and enjoy quality family time. But when done wrong, fishing can be pretty frustrating and unfulfilling. This article will look at some essential fishing tips and tricks to help you.

Always sharpen your hooks

To enjoy a productive fishing experience, keep your fishing hooks sharpened at all times because some species of fish, like the bass fish or the swordfish, have a strong jaw which may be difficult for a blunt hook to penetrate. Always sharpen your fishing hook for efficiency and effectiveness before going out for every fishing trip.

Find the bird, find the fish

Birds like the blue herons are great signs for spotting a good fishing area. Since herons are also hunters, when you spot them in large numbers clustered in a particular area, that is a great indicator that you can catch a great multitude of fishes in that specific part of the water.

Fish where the wind faces

This is one of the weirdest fishing tips; imagine a cold heavy wind blowing on your face on a windy day! Species of fish like bass fish usually move with the tide. The farther you move away from the shores, the more likely you may catch the wind tide, so gather the courage to move farther. Bass fish can easily spot your fishing boat when the current is less, so the closer you are to the current, the more difficult you can be spotted.

Use glue on your bait

This is one of the most efficient and straightforward tricks for a productive fishing experience. Apply a tiny amount of glue to your fishing hook and place your bait on it. This method will keep the bait attached to the hook even when fishing in a strong tide.

Always pack up safety equipment on every trip

Imagine going on a fishing trip on a very sunny day without sunscreen or going out fishing without proper rain gear! Catching fish can be fun and exciting, but if you are not adequately geared for a fishing expedition, it may turn out to be a nightmare. Equip yourself with sunscreen to protect your skin on a sunny day, rain gear to protect you from a wet, damp, and cold day, first aid kit in case of emergencies, compass, and maps for better navigation, satellite phone for emergency cases, and most importantly a bottle of water to keep you hydrated all day. Whether you are fishing in the summer or winter, always make sure you gear up with the proper safety equipment before going for a fishing expedition.


Fishing is fun, exciting, and rewarding if you do it the right way. But, many quickly get frustrated while out on a fishing trip because they fail to get the catch they desire. But, knowing how to use your bait understanding the relationship between the wind, birds, and fish, among other factors, could help make your search easier.