Tips for Making Outdoor Camping Fun
March 18, 2022


Outdoor camping is not just an outdoor recreational activity. It provides an invaluable opportunity to spend time in nature with your loved ones.

Although being away from the comfort of your bed and modern facilities can be pretty frustrating, this blog post will enlighten you on how to make outdoor camping fun.

Go camping with your loved ones

Several boring activities turn out interesting when you are surrounded by the people you love. Time slows down when you engage in activities with your loved ones. So, camping is not only beneficial to your senses but can help you bond closely with the people in your life. This can lead you to a richer, fuller, and more fulfilled life.

Keep your phone less handy

When you go camping, you should engage with your campmates. As a result, you should put your phone away. Going camping without your phone can be risky in case of an emergency. But there is a way around it. All you need to do is turn off your notifications and engage less with your social media handles. That way, you can genuinely connect with your campmates and create fun memories together.

Don’t go easy on the food

Eating is an essential part of our evolution and culture as human beings. Sharing meals can be both exciting and therapeutic. So, to make your outdoor camping fun, bring as much food as you can. Essentially, you might want to bring along some rare and exotic foods to share with your campmates.

Alternatively, you can bring the food items with some utensils and have fun making the meals from scratch. It is pretty fun, running errands around a fireplace to make small camp meals. Indeed, these memories will stick with you for a long time.

Tell some late-night stories

One of the perks of outdoor camping is the night fire. You can gather around a fireplace with your campmates and tell fun stories. If you’re up for some goosebumps, you can tell ghost or spooky stories. Also, you can tell real-life stories and share personal experiences with your friends and family—an exciting way to increase your bond.

Play some outdoor games

Games during camping add to the fun. You can preplan the camp games or improvise at the campsite. Examples of fun outdoor games suitable for camping include but are not limited to hide and seek, scavenger hunt, truth or dare, etc.

Essentially, games that allow you to run around often provide the most fun. Additionally, you also get some exercise in the process. However, it would help if you were mindful of the campsite or location to minimize the possibility of injuries.

Final thought

The people you camp with are vital to making or ruining your outdoor camping experience. As a result, you should invest significant energy in picking the right company before setting out. Also, you might want to utilize a checklist to help you stay more organized with the camp activities.